Hewlett Packard


Reuse & recycling at HP

In 2012, HP achieved a milestone of recycling 2.5 billion pounds of electronic products and supplies since 1987—equivalent to the weight of 45 Statue of Liberty monuments.1

HP aims to provide take-back programs with broad geographical coverage and ensure an environmen­tally responsible option for processing HP products at the end of their life. We verify the quality of our global recycling network through third-party vendor audits, and we increasingly rely on third-party recycling certifications when available. We continue to evaluate expansion of our product take-back programs into additional countries, but this depends in part on the availability of local recyclers that meet our standards or export regulations that allow for legal transport of materials to recycling facilities in other countries. Additionally, we are striving to capture a larger quantity of e-waste through partnerships with major retailers in some locations.

After a customer returns his or her hardware product, our priority is to determine the best recovery solution for it. When equipment has resale value, we prefer to refurbish and resell it, the option with the lowest environmental impact. When reuse is not viable, we extract as much value as possible by breaking it down and recycling the constitu­ent materials.

Specialist third-party companies provide reuse and recycling programs on our behalf. HP requires that our recyclers process all material according to best practice and in full compliance with relevant regulations. In particular, HP monitors product take-back programs to ensure there is no “leakage” of material to facilities or organizations outside of our approved vendor network. We undertake due-diligence audits of our recycling vendors to ensure compliance with our Supplies recycling standard, Hardware recycling standard, Hardware reuse standard, Policy on export of electronic waste to developing countries, and Supplier code of conduct. HP also requires certification to third-party recycling standards (R2 and e-Stewards) in the many countries where they are available.

Customers return used HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges to authorized retail locations and other collection sites for recycling through the HP Planet Partners program. Through our “closed loop” recycling process, Original HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges are reduced to raw materials that can then be used to make new cartridges as well as other metal and plastic products. Over the past two years, HP has shipped 600 million inkjet cartridges containing some recycled plastic from this.