Environmental Responsibility Overview

Untitled-1Meeting the ever-changing needs of business requires innovative technology. At OKI this goes hand-in-hand with environmental awareness. The company approaches its environmental policy in three ways:

  • Creating eco-friendly products
  • Contributing to environmental conservation in business activities, such as resource conservation
  • Contributing to activities within the local community

A holistic approach to green issues is taken when new products are developed. The environmental considerations are automatically integrated into the design, engineering and post-sales care of the product and its consumables.

Among the eco-friendly features that can be found in many OKI products:


Benefit to the Environment

LED Technology Long printhead life with high energy efficiency
ENERGY STAR® Compliance Superior energy efficiency
Duplex (2-sided) Printing Savings in energy and resources
Automatic Eco Mode Lower power consumption; saves energy
Deep-Sleep Mode Automatically reduces power to ≥1W
Toner Save Mode Reduced consumables use and waste
Individual Toner Cartridges Less disposable material
1-Piece Image Drum Reduced use of disposable material
Accountability Software Reduction in unnecessary printing